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SGI (Formerly Rackable Systems)

SGI (formerly Rackable Systems) innovated data center technology, brining new levels of power and performance to the rack. But in a crowded technology space, new conversations needed to be started and sparked. Leveraging the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, GlobalFluency developed a thought leadership platform and ongoing demand generation campaign highlighting the cross section of environmental thinking, technology and operational savings in the “Think EcoLogical” campaign. The initiative asked IT leaders to think about being “green” as more than a “do-good” opportunity, but also a sound and overhead saving mandate. GlobalFluency developed all messaging and thought leadership platforms for SGI, including executing a global survey of CIO and IT decision makers to establish news making opportunities around IT sustainability. An interactive tool was developed that empowered IT and data center executives to gauge estimated cost savings and operational impact of their current data center systems based on local factors including weather in the Eco-IT Monitor. GlobalFluency also oversaw the branding transition with the acquisition of SGI by Rackable Systems.