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GlobalFluency is an international team of cross-border communications professionals that thrive in a performance-driven culture that demands excellence and a desire to continually improve our processes, procedures and people to maximize value for our clients. We are constantly raising the bar on what is expected of a communications professional. That means we look for leaders who are risk-takers and not afraid of a challenge. Our culture is to evolve, innovate and lead. If this is what you are looking for, we are looking for you.

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Hot Sauce: The Story Of GlobalFluency's Culture

How it all started

When GlobalFluency President, Donovan Neale-May, introduced the Tabasco Brand to the world, he never imagined his client engagement would morph into a massive hot sauce collection. But more than 200 varieties later, this global collection is a catalog of innovative and creative branding executions that range from the straightforward to the absurd. Intense, smoky, mild, insane—the range of flavors, regional variations and packaging captured Neale-May's imagination, and hot sauce became the unofficial mascot of GlobalFluency.

Donovan Neale-May Globalfluency Culture Tabasco Brand

Sample the collection

Asbirin Hot Sauce
"For the Relief of Bland Foods"
Hailing from Costa Rica, this "devilish" sauce promises to give taste-buds a "poke" with a blend of Habanero and cayenne peppers

"The Quest for the Hottest Ends Here"
Boasting 1.5 Million Scoville Units, Da'Bomb has been tested by an "outside" laboratory to confirm it's off the charts heat. And from the looks of the lock and key, they mean business

Wrong Number by Pepper Girl Brand
"Our Sauce Arrouses More Than Your Tastebuds"
Too late to hang up now, Pepperheads, you've reached the Wrong Number…at least that is what the label promises. Despite having mango and lots of sugar, Pepper Girl says she's got the line on trouble

Burn Baby Burn
"Revolutionary Hot Sauce"
Promising a "taste of the 60s" this hot sauce aims to go good, while tasting good. Proceeds from the "savory boost to your food" boosts efforts to fund anti-violence and youth education programs

Swazi Mamma Mamba from Ukuva iAfrica
"A Taste of Africa"
Made by hand and based on a recipe collected by a traveller in Africa, the entire Ukuva iAfrica line looks to share the spicy flare of made from the heart African cooking

Most Wanted PIG Jalapeno Hot Sauce
“Pain Is Good”
It may only score a two-pepper rating on the heat meter, but there is no doubt that this basic-but-awesome sauce will rev up any lunchtime fare.

photos of the day posted by our staff

10.31.14   Halloween 2014 with all the crew!

12.17.14   Christmast Celebration party with all the staff!

10.12.16   Poster for Halloween 2016!

01.22.14   The foyer of our San Jose office, complete with fiery hot sauce in the background

10.31.13   Carving pumpkins!! Yay!!

12.25.13   One of a few very happy stuffed animals living in our office. #JustHangin'

01.22.14   Dave learns that the bigger the birthday, the bigger the prank.

05.04.07   We really, really dig birthdays around here.

01.22.14   Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark.

01.22.14   Donovan in the glory days of rugby with SS Rugby Reggio Calabria

01.22.14   Our conference room, where all the important things get sorted out

01.22.14   Our building in San Jose. Amazingly, it's almost completely solar-powered!

01.22.14   Our CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer), Heidi, is ready for her close-up, Mr. Demille.

10.31.13   Pumpkin carving for Halloween 2013

01.22.14   Pumpkin carving for Halloween 2013

10.31.13   Pumpkin carving for Halloween 2013