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City of San Jose

San Jose is often forgotten thanks to the bright lights and picturesque landscapes of its neighbor to the north, San Francisco. With its proximity to technology giants across the Silicon Valley and its infrastructure ready to support the businesses of tomorrow, San Jose sought to differentiate itself from other innovation hubs across the United States, but also around the world. But aside from an old Dionne Warwick song, it seemed few businesses actually "knew the way to San Jose." GlobaFluency was selected as the official agency of record to represt the City of San Jose's Office of Economic Development and was quickly charged with identifying key messaging points, authority leadership platforms and headline grabbing stories to tell the world that San Jose was open for business. Through-out the multi-year engagement, GlobalFluency also worked with various departments across the city, representing various programs and projects from the city's bold Green Vision strategy to its advancements in Green technology through technology showcases and grass-roots community engagement programs.