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Thought leadership and market advocacy for digital transformation and innovation in supply chain collaboration and data exchange in the ocean supply chain.

  • Launched program to raise company’s brand authority and voice in advocating for accelerated digitalization and transformation of Maritime Industry.
  • Conducted global survey and interviews of ocean supply chain stakeholders to gather insights into state of digital transformation.
  • Issued major report underscoring critical industry need to upgrade technology to improve performance and collaboration.
  • Sparked industry-wide discussion and affirmation of need for accelerated change and a new, more open collaboration infrastructure Navis can deliver.
  • Drove widespread global media coverage for Navis and its advocacy in dozens of media outlets; generated more than 1,200 report downloads across the industry.
  • Developed new corporate website positioning company at forefront of new solutions and technologies.
  • Created quarterly benchmark program to track business and operational issues and trends.