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City of Santa Clara

The City of Santa Clara, located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, needed a brand and content refresh as it prepared to host one of the largest events in professional sports, Super Bowl 50. GlobalFluency was presented with the unique challenge of incorporating a new brand vision across all city touch points including the development of content for a new city website, revamping of all city collateral from utility bill inserts to street signage and billboards. This 6 month initiative demanded that the GlobalFluency team execute a total brand makeover, while training city departments and staff on how to embrace, execute and leverage the new vision, brand and tone of the city. In total, GlobalFluency created a new content structure and architecture for a large, complex city site, developed all design, creative and graphic assets across all traditional and digital channels and created a collateral template library that could be used by the most experienced graphic designers as well as the average city employee looking to adopt the new, exciting brand vision.