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Channels of Influence

We believe in the power of global connections. GlobalFluency owns and operates exclusive Affinity Networks™, which are highly respected membership groups and communities that serve as critical global channels of insight, access and influence.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council is dedicated to high-level knowledge exchange, thought leadership and personal relationship building among senior corporate marketing leaders and brand decision-makers across a wide-range of global industries. More »

BPI Network

The Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network is an influential group of senior-level executives driving transformation, process re-invention, organizational innovation, lean operation, and competitive adaptability in multi-national enterprises worldwide. More »

Customer Experience Board

A groundbreaking thought leadership program, the Customer Experience Board is addressing the critical need for communications service providers to optimize customer experience and heighten retention in a highly convergent, competitive, and demanding customer market. More »


CauseTech is bringing together a global community of innovators in order to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. Members of our community will contribute their technologies, ideas, and innovations towards UNICEF-directed challenges through our ideation platform. More »


The Coalition to Leverage and Optimize Sales Effectiveness (CLOSE) is an affinity network and online community channel that will help sales, marketing and channel professionals further their interactions, increase understanding of their allied functional areas, and provide the necessary tools, techniques and best practices for improved customer acquisitions and value building. More »

Content ROI Center

The Content ROI Center is a go-to source of thought leadership and services to help marketers more fully leverage the power of content to grow business opportunities and brand presence. We work with global marketing leaders to identify and overcome pain points, define best-in-class practices and resources, educate marketing teams, and design winning themes and campaigns. More »

CMO/CIO Alignment

The Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council have teamed with Accenture Interactive to present a new authority leadership initiative targeting the ever-changing but critical relationship between the CMO and the CIO. In today's business climate of exponential information growth and technology dependency, this authority leadership campaign leverages and aggregates insights from key IT and marketing stakeholders to address the need for tighter alignment and collaboration between these functional groups. It also looks at best practice situations where functional integration has produced significant results, values and outcomes. More »

GeoBranding Center

The GeoBranding Center is a global knowledge center dedicated to the marketing of countries, destinations, places of origin, attractions, venues and locations worldwide. Subject matter experts and marketing leaders in the area of GeoBranding contribute insights, content, opinions, case studies and best practices and the CMO Council is conducting research to explore the impact, value and outcomes of GeoBranding campaigns using social media, digital marketing and traditional advertising channels and market interaction techniques on both a BtoB and BtoC level. This strategic interest group is ideal for those executives, government officials, league members, and association representatives involved in, trade and economic development, visitor and tourism promotion, travel and hospitality, entertainment and sports, products and places of origin labeling, or branded commodity differentiation. More »

Digital Marketing Performance Institute

The Digital Marketing Performance Institute is a strategic interest group dedicated to providing tools and resources to help enhance the execution and effectiveness of digital marketing efforts. As a sub-group of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, we are able to provide a wealth of reports, news articles, white papers and research about the latest challenges, trends and best practices across the full scope of digital marketing efforts. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to contribute your insights by participating in any of our featured surveys. More »